Performance Task Suggestions

1. Do a backup (4. Maintenance, 1. Backup/Restore, 1. Backup)

2. Verify you have the latest GIFT software.

3. Do a PowerSchool Demographic update. Instructions for the template is found on the downloads page. Import the data into GIFT. (3. Import/Export, 2. PowerSchool Import)

4. Import in any test scores. (3. Import/Export, 1. Test Scores, etc...) Be sure to change the dates to the most appropriate dates. Also, make sure data aligns correctly when viewing the data before the actual import begins. It is always best to do a backup before importing test scores. (see Step 1 above) Print out the mismatch reports.

5. Attempt to find the student(s) from the mismatch report(s) in GIFT. Do not use the number for "finding" - use the student name. If found, hand enter scores. Remember to click on the "Update" button after entering the scores for a student.

6. After entering all tests, you are now ready to export your Performance Task list. (3. Import/Export, 7. Performance Task Roster) The Performance Task Roster Menu appears with reminders, enter a "T" or "Y" to continue. The data starts to compile. At first "save" dialog box, click on the Save button. It is not recommended to change this file name. It defaults to to "PTA2024-xx-xx.TXT", where xx-xx is your District ID. This is the file you will submit to Carolinian Consultancy. A second "save" dialog box appears, click on the Save button. It is okay to overwrite if asked. This file is an Excel type file which has the guardian information for each Performance Task student. This file may be used for notifying the guardians that the student will be taking a test in March. After the file is saved, the roster appears. PRINT this roster. This is the list of students which are
scheduled to take Performance Task. The last sheet gives you your totals. After submission of data, Carolinian Consultancy will send a count back which should match this page. After printing the roster, the confirmation screen appears, reminding you which file to submit to Carolinian Consultancy.

7. Submit the data file (PTA2024-xx-xx.TXT) to Carolinian Consultancy. Carolinian Consultancy should give you a confirmation email with a count within a day or two.
You may rerun the steps as often as needed (new scores, new students, etc..) and, if needed, re-submit the data file.
The deadline for submitting the final data file to Carolinian Consultancy is January 8, 2024.