Current Versions: GIFT v8.7.07

Form A year should state "2022".

1. Remote Support is available. Download the "RemoteSupport" program found on the downloads page. Run the RemoteSupport program (aka Teamviewer) acceptable the defaults. (You do not need to "install" the program.) The program will create a unique ID and passcode. Send the unique ID and passcode to David and he will be able to remote in to your computer to help.
GIFT v8.7.07 is now available. See the downloads page.
3. ViewGIFT v8.7.06
is now available. See the downloads page
4. Always remember to backup your data on a regular basis
             and especially before updating GIFT and/or importing data/scores.

5. Please try sending your questions/concerns to

Remember to backup your data and check this site OFTEN.