1. G.I.F.T. Version 8.7.07 (Update existing version)

*** Remember to do a backup of the database before updating ****

*** File Structure Change in GIFT 8.7! ***

After upgrading to 8.7, you MUST do a backup and restore in order for the structure changes to happen. - 4. Maintenance, 1. Backup, 1 Backup then 2. Restore and restore the file you just "created." (Only needs to be done once.)

2. Remote Support (TeamviewerQS)      WebinarMeeting (TeamviewerQJ)

3. ViewGIFT - Instructions

4. PS GIFT01 Template - Installation and operating Instructions

5. PS AP Template - Installation and operating Instructions

6. G.I.F.T. "How to...." Instructions                

7. Artistic Excel-type Import Template Files - Dance - Drama - Music - Visual Arts

8. New G.I.F.T. (Fresh install, will erase data, password protected)

---- 2022 Performance Task ---- Form B

Test Administrator & PTC Training 2022 -  Show    Printable

Primary Form B - Verbal-Show   Verbal-Printable

Primary Form B - NonVerbal-Show   NonVerbal-Printable

Intermediate Form B - Verbal-Show    Verbal-Printable

Intermediate Form B - NonVerbal-Show    NonVerbal-Printable

Letter to Parent about Performance Task  -  Word Doc  -  Adobe PDF              (Explanation/Form Letter about Performance Task Administration)

Letter to "Opting out" of Performance Task Testing - Adobe PDF

Don't have PowerPoint? Please visit -> Here <- for instructions on how to view.

Document -> District Administration Procedures