Before doing Form A...

1. Be sure you are running the latest GIFT
2. Do a PowerSchool Demographic Update
3. Import in any Assessment scores (i.e. Performance Task, Spring MAP, etc.)
4. Update and/or add Academic Referral information (as needed)
5. Update and/or add Artistic Information (as needed)

Form A Instructions :

1. Under 2. Reports, choose 3. Form A (SDE End of Year)

2. Put an N next to each grade level NOT screened in your district. Typically, all grade levels are screened. Click Continue

3. The screened numbers are displayed. Adjust if needed.Be sure the Date Range states 07/01/2020-06/30/2021. GIFT will be "looking" for information in the date range displayed. Click Continue

4. The first pages of Form A appear on screen. Check/verify your numbers. To move to the next page, click on the Arrow Icon pointing to the right.  To print, click on the Printer Icon. To close if not printing, click on the "door" Icon or the "X". (You will need to print all 5 pages, sign the "cover" page, and upload the pages to Josie Stratton at the SCDE.)

5. The next pages of Form A appear on screen. Check/verify your numbers. Print through the pages as described above.

6. You may repeat these steps (1-6) as often as needed until you are "satisfied" with your data.

7. When you are "finished" with Form A, it is recommended to do a Backup. (4. Maintenance, 1. Backup) then do the End of Year Procedure because you have "closed the books" on the 2020-2021 school year. (If you wish to see the students that are being pulled, there are Form A roster options available)

8. Be sure to send/upload all 5 pages to the SCDE as per their instructions.

End of Year Instructions:

From the GIFT Main Menu
4. Maintenance
3. End of Year
Follow the instructions on the screen for the End of Year procedure.
First, It will create a backup called "YE-2021". It will then manipulate student grade levels,  move some students into the Left District School and increase the Form A year by 1. When it is finished, the next GIFT year is ready. Any new information entered will be recorded for the school year of 2021-2022. The Form A on the Main GIFT screen will now state 2022.

If you want/need to re-do your Form A after you have completed your EO
Y, please contact us at gifthelp