Carolinian Consultancy, Inc. (aka C2) is a corporation duly organized under the laws of the State of South Carolina on March 22, 2000 and was founded by five friends, Donna Darby, Joy Gray, Dr. Fran O'Tuel, Trish Plunkett, and David Escue. C2 is a company specializing in educational consulting and testing services, and currently manages the administration of the Performance Tasks Assessments for the State of South Carolina.  Collectively, the consultancy possesses extensive experience in the education of gifted students and assessment of programs in South Carolina.

More About Carolinian Consultancy. . .

  • Recipient of the Friend of Gifted Education Award presented by the South Carolina Consortium for Gifted Education (2005)
  • Grant recipient in charge of the administration and scoring of the South Carolina Performance Tasks, awarded by the State Department of Education, Office of Assessment (1999-202x)
  • Certified Trainers in the William and Mary Curriculum and models as endorsed by the Center for Gifted Education at the College of William and Mary
  • Jacob Javits Federal Grant - research and extention of South Carolina Performance Tasks and William and Mary curriculum training in South Carolina school districts
  • Facilitation of the SCCGE annual conference since 1997
  • Provider of G.I.F.T. software system to the state of South Carolina (1999-202x)   
  • Evaluation of District Gifted and Talented Three-Year Plans
  • Trainers in the Richard Paul Critical Thinking Model
  • Evaluation of gifted programs in South Carolina districts